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     I started Paint Party & Wine to create a new kind of fun in Arizona, and to provide both "artists" and "non-artists" the opportunity to paint something they never imagined was possible.


      As a wife and mother of two young boys, when I spend money on a babysitter, it better be a fun night out!  Gone are the days of bar hopping for entertainment.  Why not enjoy  laughter, drinking, and painting with the people you love?  Polish off your lovely evening feeling inspired and accomplished with a finished painting created by YOU!  Paint Party & Wine is the new form of entertainment in Tempe.  It offers something different and creative, but holds onto the pleasures of great wine, delicious appetizers, and the company of family and friends.  


       I experienced "ah hahhh" moments as a High School Art Teacher.  Several students entered my class with the attitude, "I can't paint!" After I demonstrated a few brush techniques and showed them how to mix color and apply it on canvas, they finished paintings they never imagined were possible.  Students left class with a new confidence in themselves and their abilities.  Many adults have similar attitudes as high school students.  I often hear them say, "I've never been able to paint," "I'm not creative," or  "I've been told I'm bad at art!"  Paint Party & Wine allows me to do what I love while and help awaken the artist in you!  You can learn to paint  with successful end results and enjoy the process along the way.  Try it once and you'll be amazed with yourself and your abilities.  Don't worry, you will be provided with the right tools and techniques to make your painting successful and your night memorable...a glass of wine will help too!  I look forward to meeting you soon. 

Peace, Party, Paint!

Reagan Guzman


Paint Party & Wine

(480) 221-6680



a wife and mom of

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