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Your Paint Party Experience


     I design authentic paintings specifically for YOU​!  Whether or not you are a experienced painter, the appealing colors, textures, and techniques used in these paintings can be achieved by everyone to make a great painting.  You will learn about specific colors to use, how to make different brushstrokes, and where to apply the paint.  There will always be a sample painting available as a guide.  Trust our expert painting teachers to provide a step by step demonstration and offer as much individual assistance as needed. Leave with a painting you'll want to display; not throw away.​

​     For the more experienced artists, Paint Party & Wine offers flexibility and freedom.  You have the freedom to explore different colors, brush strokes, or change up your painting entirely.  Use the canvas and materials provided to paint whatever your heart desires!   The environment is casual and fun so you can enjoy great company, wine, and your painting experience.   I hope to see you soon!

Peace, Party, Paint!

Reagan Guzman


Paint Party & Wine

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