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P.F. Changs

Private Party Packages


1 draft beer, glass of wine, or non-alcoholic beverage

is included in all paint parties. Scottsdale location is available 1:30-4:30 P.M. only

2 hour Paint Party
11" X 14" canvas
$30.00 per person Mon-Thurs, Sat, Sunday
10 people or $300.00 minimum

Dip your toes into the paint party experience before you take the plunge! This package is great for team-building parties that will even hook the skeptics. There is just enough time to keep you interested but also finish a great painting you never imagined possible.




2.5 hr. Paint Party
12" X 16" canvas
$35.00 per person Mon-Thurs, Sat, Sunday
9 people or $315.00 minimum

Paint on a slightly larger canvas and give yourself a bit more time to learn details including highlights, shadows, and texture! Perfect for parties who want time to eat and chat during the paint party.

3 hr. Paint Party
16" X 20" canvas
$40.00 per person Mon-Thurs, Sat, Sunday
8 people or $320.00 minimum

Go big or go home! This size allows you to use larger brush strokes and provides more time for layering colors and building textures. You will have plenty of time to finish your masterpiece and enjoy the incredible food, drinks, and ambiance our locations offer. Amaze your family and friends  with your impressive painting!

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